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Woosung LSC Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 with an aspiration for supplying high quality PVC hoses to the customers
around the world by several experts in related fields.
It is twelve years after it's first foundation that we re-arrange our production lines focusing on strict quality control on
a few strategic hose items.

Since then, we've been doing our business to supply the highest quality PVC hose products to our customers.
Thanks to our customers proper understanding of our steady efforts for quality improvement, strict production control
and competitive price policy, we could keep on growing since foundation.

As long duration with stable functioning is very much essential for PVC hoses, it is important to source from reliable manufacturers and
to exclude low quality product manufacturers accordingly.

We hope to let you know that we have accumulated technologies and can offer more competetive prices than other PVC Hoses manufacturers
not in Korea but around the world..
Our commitments to all our present and new customers are to remain as the most reliable and mutually beneficial partner with
full responsibility.